Why White Wine Pairs So Well With Lobster

Why White Wine Pairs So Well With Lobster

Why White Wine Pairs So Well With Lobster

Written by: Abigail Murphy

Lobster has a fantastic taste of its own, but if you pair it with the appropriate wine, your lobster meal could become perfect. Wine shouldn’t overshadow the flavor of the lobster. Don’t pair any heavy, tannic red wines with your lobster dish, for it will result in weird flavors. However, going with lighter white wines can complement the lobster’s taste.

The white wine can bring out the best in any dish, and lobster dishes are no exception. The lobster’s preparation can play an essential role in deciding which wine will complement it the most. Most lobster meals are mild with a light texture and are slightly sweet-flavored. Lobsters have a crisp and very delicate flavoring, so it is best to pair with wines with their own crisp, fresh notes. 

If you want to know which wine you should pair with lobster, it’s time to find out.

The good news is that there are several wines that you can pair with your main lobster meal. Keep in mind that the general rule is to pair red wine with red meat and white wine with white meat. We’ll talk about the five white wines that will pair well with lobster.

1. Chardonnay

Without a doubt, Chardonnay is the best choice when pairing white wine with lobster. It could be crisp and fruit-forward, or it could be oaky and buttery. Either way, it will be a great combination of the light flavors of a lobster meal. This wine will pair well with boiled or steamed lobster with creamy buttery sauces or a buttery glaze. Chardonnay is made from La Crosse grapes, one of the many types of grapes grown in Iowa.

Moreover, Chardonnay has plenty of citrus notes and acidity and citrus notes, which will complement the lobster. Citrus notes and acidity will bring out the complex flavors of the lobster.

2. Riesling

Riesling is acidic and has a fruity taste with sweet floral notes. These characteristics make it ideal for pairing with the natural sweetness in lobster meat. Riesling suits broiled or baked lobster very well, and it also goes well with lobster cooked with spicy or Asian sauces. This white wine has plenty of citrus notes and can pull out the ideal combination of lobster and lemon. Riesling is made with La Crescent grapes which are also grown in Iowa.

You could also try Gewurztraminer, with hints of tropical fruit, spicy-sweet notes, and pleasing ginger flavor. It should pair well with lobster even though this wine is relatively lower in acidity. Moreover, Pinot Gris is also rich in citrusy, gingery, tropical fruit notes and complements the delicate flavors of lobster.

3. Sauvignon Blanc

The natural and herb-like flavor of Sauvignon Blanc goes well with lobster dishes that are rich in greens or herbs. With zesty citrus and good acidity, this wine will match steamed or boiled lobster dishes well.

Alternatively, you could go with Albarino or Chenin Blanc. These two wines lack the herb-like flavor but are high in acidity, and their citrus flavors make them good alternatives. Interestingly, Albarino has a salty flavor that blends well with the lobster’s salty-sweet taste.

4. Rosé

It might seem like an unusual choice. Still, it will enhance the subtle flavors of lobster. Dry Rosé has enough complexity to pair well with lobster and enough intricacy to avoid overpowering its flavors. This wine can be made with Catawba grapes, Frontenac grapes, or Petite Pearl grapes. They are all be grown in the cold temperatures of Iowa.

A bottle of Rosé Champagne can complement a grilled or a baked lobster meal. Other sparkling wines such as Cava or Prosecco are good options. All three wines are acidic and bubbly to balance the lobster meals.

5. Chianti

As mentioned above, red wine usually doesn’t pair well with lobster. There would be no similarity, and the bold flavors and rich tannins can easily overpower the flavors of lobster. However, some types of light red wine can complement the flavors of lobster. Chianti is one of the most common red wines that is paired with lobster meals. This wine has low tannins, high acidity, and herb-like notes to enhance lobster meals, primarily when tomatoes are used for preparation. Other red wines, such as Barbera, can also work well with tomato-based lobster meals. Barbera is also high in acidity and low in tannins. Its fruity taste is subtle enough to pair with lobster and tomato sauce.


It is crucial to remember that the right wine will take your lobster dishes to new heights. Consider the preparation of the lobster meal when choosing the suitable wine to balance the flavors.

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